Page 67 – Winter Shminter.

2 comments on “Page 67 – Winter Shminter.”

  1. Enjoy your unique perspective/work – thank you so very much! Just a wee question this week – what is audio policing? I thought we were the kings/queens of policing!

  2. Thank you Liz.
    Answering your question: …since (obviously) greater Los Angeles has NO other problems that require police attention, we have squads of police officers armed with devices that measure decibel levels who patrol where street musicians tend to play – If they’re to loud (“aggressive audio”) they get a ticket. I couldn’t get a good enough angle on the picture, but the police man is holding a little handheld device up to the speaker.

    If you go back to page 22 (from May 2009) you’ll see a similar scene with a sitar player.

    page 22

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